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Computer Technology, Education, Equity

Specialized writing about these three niches to help your clients, who are lifelong learners, be assured of the research facts presented.











About Al Cota


Due to 30+ years experience as a technical writer and systems administrator, I offer a profound value to organizations wanting someone who can get and running quickly as needed.

Al Cota
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Writing Services

  • Technical Manuals

    Hardware and Software: includes “interviewing” involved ‘client teammates’; generate table of contents and index; create needed graphics, tables, and diagrams.

  • Content Writing

    With my decades of experience and evolved research skills, I will primarily focus my writing on my niches: Education, Equity, and Information Technology. I have no fear working on ANY topic.

  • Business Writing

    My previous business ownership experience includes writing proposals to secure clients after discussing their needs with them, Employee Procedures manuals, video scripts that included storyboards, Installation manuals, and general promotion.

  • Academic Research

    Lifelong learner with a library of documentation, facts, and data for articles regarding my niches.

What Clients Say...

"A rare pleasure these days to do business with someone possessing the values that resonated with me. Chalk Ink Write, LLC, even opened my eyes to some new and some tried and true services.” - Kate

“Al, at Chalk Ink Write, understood our business and double-checked facts and stories shared for accuracy and completeness. We couldn’t have been more thrilled at his intuitive insights into all our niche business does and take those insights and make them understandable to many. I’d give them a call today and cut through quickly to some of your better solutions.” - Estevan

“Chalk Ink Write, LLC, has always elevated creativity, traditions, and human evolution. Their creative team showed us so many more ways we could elevate and differentiate our product.” - Simone